Back To School Tips For Nannies

If you’re working with a school aged child or your little one is about to start school, these 10 back to school tips will ensure you stay organized this school year.

1. Do A Dry Run Of The School Drop Off

It’s important for you to go through the process with the children. Ensure that your nanny child understands that you’ll be doing it sometimes as well as mummy and that it’ll be just as good!

2. Agree On A Drop Off + Pick Up Spot

If your nanny kids are old enough and comfortable to be dropped off, agree on a usual place so that they always know where to find you. If some days you’ll be driving your car and others the nanny car, make sure the kids know how to recognize each. If you’re  walking into school to collect, decide on a meeting spot within the pick up area so that they don’t have too much trouble trying to find you amongst a group of other adults.

3. Introduce Yourself To The Teacher

Most teachers will appreciate it if you make the effort to introduce yourself to them. Explain that you’re the child’s nanny or caregiver and that you’ll be picking up the kids most days if not all days. This way even if you’ve already given the school the paperwork authorizing you to collect, the teacher will be able to put a face to the name. Plus, with an introduction, you’ve got a segue to chat with the teacher about how your nanny child is settling in to school, and they’ll know who you are when you sign your kids homework diary and readers.

4. Ensure You’re On The School Contact List

Often times the parents register the children into school and their contacts go into the database. But if you’re the one who’s going to be collecting an ill child from the school nurse or calling to advise that your nanny child won’t be at school, make sure your details are in the database too. That way the school can have you as first point of contact and direct communication without delays. Tip: join the school newsletter mailing list. Avoid finding out about “no rubbish lunch box day” or “Super Hero dress up day” as they run out the door in the morning. Ensure you’re always in the loop by accessing the information first hand

5. Check Out The Classroom

If you’ve got children starting school for the first time, chances are you might have a few problems in the beginning. If you’ve got a good understanding and vision of the school setup, you can help to transition the kids at home after school hours. Simulate a school environment at home to play games and do homework to help your nanny kids adjust easier in a comfortable and secure environment.

6. Introduce Yourself To The Other Parents + Caregivers

If you can take the plunge and muscle in on that mums group, play-dates will be much easier to organize! Tip: make a list of moms/caregivers names, phone numbers, address, and the corresponding kids names so that play-dates, school sports, and extra curricular activities can be easily planned

7. Have A “School Folder” For Each Child

Does your fridge overflow with school notes? Keep a folder for each child easily accessible in the kitchen or den to pop their school info into. Store all of the notes they bring home, field trip details, a copy of the school uniform policy, school contact info, teacher outlines, homework diaries, lesson outlines and key term dates. You can also store school receipts and school fee info. That way the information can be easily found and categorised during the school year and you’ll never forget an field trip or sports day!

8. Maintain A Family Calendar + Schedule

For a lot of nannies, family and household management plays a big part. Particularly if you work for large busy families. Keeping track of their whereabouts, events, meetings, and school functions can make or break a household during the school year. Tip: if you’ve got nanny parents that work long hours or do lots of travel, this is a way for them to glance at the calendar and easily know what their children are up to.

9. Memorize The Daily School Requirements

It’s hard enough getting kids out the door with their lunch and clean teeth without having to remember what day is library day, which day is sports uniform day, and which is homework day. Familiarize yourself with the daily school requirements and pop a reminder into your phone calendar and the family planner calendar. Tip: Scan the day’s events in the morning from your phone calendar just before you arrive so that you can hit the ground running and not forget that overdue library book.

10. Make Lunches The Night Before

It sounds simple. It is simple. Make the school lunches the night before. Either while you’re un-packing bags and making afternoon snack, or while you’re making dinner, prepare the lunch box and pop it in the fridge for the morning.

Now if you’re well prepared, and have tag teamed with the parents to ensure that your nanny child is ready for school, you should be set for the first day. But in order to survive not just the first day, but the rest of the year with ease, these 10 back to school tips will help you transition the family household into the school year.

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