10 Tips for Being the Best Nanny You Can Be!

2073687Being a Nanny is a profession, and being thoughtful about your profession and working to always improve your skills will help you be the best Nanny you can be.

  1. Look on the bright side! Not only will choosing to think positively help your own personal happiness, it will also help your charges thrive. Children naturally see the good in situations – go ahead, join em’!
  2. Put the phone away. Putting your phone away allows you to truly be engaged with your charges. Whether it be in that game of Candy Land or while preparing a meal, focus on the present and allow yourself to be the engaged, super-star nanny you’re capable of!
  3. Snack healthy. Let’s face it, we all love to snack. Help teach your charges good habits early. Substitute the chips with an apple, or fries with carrots. Allow the kids to make fun shapes and designs with their fresh fruits and veggies. The kids will appreciate the creativity and the parents will be more than grateful for the thought.
  4. Get outside! Enjoying the outdoors with your charges far surpasses a day in front of the television. Fresh air never hurt anyone.
  5. Encourage creativity. Whether it be in the home with a fun craft or out in nature, allow your charges to be their incredible, unique self.
  6. Plan ahead. Before heading in to work, plan fun activities and games to do with your charges. Children thrive when they are kept busy with fun, productive activities.
  7. Arrive on-time. The term “on-time” can be a bit deceiving. Being on-time is actually code for “arrive a few minutes early” – unless they tell you specifically otherwise. Impress your employers with your promptness and reliability.
  8. Get your eight hours. Children oftentimes have more energy than you! Set yourself up for success by arriving on the job rested and refreshed.
  9. Allow your inner-child to shine. Children love to be played with instead of just watched from the sidelines. Get out there and not only be their nanny, be their friend.
  10. Love what you do. Figure out a way to love what you do and it will no longer feel like a “job.”
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How we find your match

The experienced Placement Counselors at Town + Country have made tens of thousands of mutually beneficially matches between in-home professionals and household employers. Although no two searches are exactly alike, there are important steps in the process of “finding you the one” that we use for every Candidate.

We’re pleased to share some highlights with you. And if you’re a professional with excellent experience, we’d love you to get started by filling out our online application. We’d love to find the right match for you.

  1. We learn who you are. What is most important to you? How does work fit into the rest of your life? What are your hobbies and interests? Learning who you are helps us to find an employer who will appreciate you and where you have the opportunity to excel.
  2. We learn exactly what kind of position you are looking for. What do you enjoy? What are you good at? What kind of employer will you work best with? We want to make sure you are happy in your next position.
  3. We write your resume and create a customized profile to present you in your best light. We understand what employers are looking for and how to communicate your strengths.
  4. We carefully match the criteria you are looking for with the jobs our clients are looking to fill. Once we know you are looking for a new position we’ll be on the lookout for jobs that become available that would be a good fit for you. We will give you honest feedback. We will let you know if your experience fits what our clients are looking for. And if we don’t have something for you at this time, we will provide you with suggestions about what you can do to get additional experience.
  5. We introduce you only to employers that make sense. Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible. Some clients like to see a range of possible employees. Others keep the number of interviews they conduct to a minimum. We will always respect your time as a professional.
  6. We guide you through the interviewing process. We help you to prepare for interviews by sharing the questions that are likely to be asked and reviewing the key points that you should stress to employers. We’ll coach you on how to make your best first impression.
  7. We arrange all of the logistics for you. We’ll make sure you know where you need to be, at what time, and make sure you know how to get there. Creating a positive experience and a favorable impression with every client you meet is important, even if any given employer is not right for you.
  8. We help you make a good decision about your next position. We want to place you in an assignment where you will thrive. We’re in the business of creating lasting matches and we want you and your new employer to be happy in the long run.
  9. We help you to review your employment agreement. Ensuring that you and your employer are clear about responsibilities and expectations is the best way to set you up for success in your new position.
  10. We’re here, for as long as you need, to help you with any questions that may arise and ensure that your relationship with your new employer is a productive and happy one.
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What’s Appropriate for the Internet?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat … we’re online all the time. Although social media can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, your work life should be kept off the internet. When you work inside a family’s home, the list of things you should never put online grows.

Pictures of your charges. While Mom and Dad are away it’s your job to keep their child safe. Posting pictures of your adorable charge for others to “ooh” and “ahh” over might not be okay with them. Background details in photos and give clues as to the kids’ location, items in the family’s home and other personal information that they may not want shared. If the parents have asked you to keep them updated throughout the day with pictures of their cutie, send the photos directly to them, but keep the pictures, stories and kids off of social media.

Big milestone. There’s nothing worse than a parent learning about a big milestone through reading it online in a public or semi-public forum. Let the parents experience the first steps, first words or first solo bike rides before anyone else.

Never post how frustrated you are with your employer or their children. There are few things that can put you among the ranks of the unemployed faster than going online to complain about your job or your employer. Your current employers – as well as potential future employers – will take your comments to heart and may be seen as ungrateful or disloyal.

Curse words or crude memes. You’ve worked hard to build trust and a good working relationship with you employer. One offensive slip and your reputation can be ruined. What may have seemed like a funny post when you were out with friends may look awkward and offensive in the light of day.

Remember, if you wouldn’t want it published on the front page of the New York Times, it’s probably best not to post it online or on your social media.

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Where Germs and Bacteria Hide in Your Home

A little cleaning goes a long way in terms of staying healthy.

You want to avoid catching a cold, but keeping up with high traffic, high germ areas can seem like a full time job! Focus first on wiping and disinfecting these common areas that are known for harboring and spreading germs.

Handles and doorknobs

brassFrom high traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens, to the front door and everything in between, knobs and handles collect germs at an alarming rate. Disinfect these surfaces at least once a week, and more if someone in your household is ill.

germsjpg-f1f869557e9e57d9_largeLight switches

Not only can light switches start to look grimy over time, they are also a germ paradise! Light switches can easily fall off the radar, so make cleaning light switches a part of your weekly chore list.


You probably clean your office phone, but how often do you sanitize your cell phone? Your phone travels everywhere with you and collects germs along the way. Wipe your phone down with a sanitizing cleaner and allow it to dry. Make sure your cloth is only lightly damp so you don’t cause water damage to your device.

germs_purse_makeup_090910_wmainPurses and bags

From diaper bags to our everyday purses, we easily toss them aside at grocery stores, restaurants and more — even placing them on the floor! When was the last time you wiped down your bag? That can be a scary answer! Using either disinfectant wipes or a recommended cleaner for certain materials, sanitize your purse, diaper bags, reusable grocery bags and any other similar items on a monthly basis.


Think laptops, tablets, computers, remotes and more. With everyone in your household sharing these common items, germs can easily be passed from one person to the next. Clean and sanitize these items weekly.

Keeping up with germs can be tough work. Focusing on problem areas as part of your normal weekly or monthly cleaning routine helps cut the spread of germs and other pesky bacteria in your household. Many professional cleaning services will integrate these tasks into routine cleanings, but be sure to confirm.

Do you regularly clean these items and areas in your home? What other germ hot spots do you make sure to hit? Tell us in the comments section.

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CPR-Certified-Hard-Hat-Label-HH-0064Keeping your CPR Certification up to date is important for many reasons and it’s necessary when accepting a position through Town + Country Resources. In order to help you get or stay current with your CPR training, Town + Country continually holds CPR Certification courses. This month, the course will be held at the Cascade Training Center, Suite P100 of our office building at 1333 Broadway, Oakland, on Tuesday, March 29th from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. This will be a Heartsaver course with infant, child and adult CPR. A skills assessment will be done to confirm rediness of certification. REGISTER NOW

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National Nanny Training Day 2016!

On Saturday, April 16th, Town + Country will be hosting our annual National Nanny Training Day event and we can’t wait to see you there! Register now to get Early Bird pricing!

This half-day of professional development, education and networking will have workshops covering:

  • Reading with your charges – including how to pick a “just right” book for children and the importance of reading daily
  • Technology – how to effectively communicate with parents throughout the day, suggestions for apps to help with daily duties as well as other tips
  • Dinner Time Crunch – how to help with meal prep, homework and other evening tasks while also getting children to their activities
  • And more!

It’s sure to be a day full of useful information. We hope you’ll join us!

  • What: National Nanny Training Day
  • When: Saturday, April 16th, 10:45 am to 2:30 pm
  • Where: Foster City Recreation Center
    650 Shell Blvd, Foster City, 94404
  • RegisterEventbrite

All participants will recieve a free one-year INA Membership (a $45 value) plus lunch, raffle prizes, swag bags and a certificate of participation!

Register now to take advantage of Early Bird Pricing – prices increase on March 6th!

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Striving For Excellence!

Town and Country Resources would love to have your feedback!

Let us know how were doing by taking our short, 2-question survey here.


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